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I am the Special Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCO) and Assistant Head.

Here at St Ignatius we are committed to meeting the needs of all pupils. We recognise that everyone is different and all of us have a range of strengths and needs and deserve the chance to reach our full potential. At St Ignatius children’s efforts and achievements are celebrated regularly and we encourage children to see themselves as clever and confident. Accordingly, we recognise and provide for a range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities by identifying and addressing them at the earliest opportunity. We actively involve parents and any external support agencies necessary in order to meet children’s needs. Parents who have any concerns about their child’s needs are encouraged to contact the class teacher.

Whilst a great deal of additional support for children goes on in the classroom, through quality first teaching, sometimes children will need a 'catch up' intervention, whether that is in small group work or working alongside outside agencies and other professionals.

Ms Curran


St Ignatius Primary School works in partnership with a range of external professionals and specialists to ensure that we can provide the highest quality provision for children with SEND. These professionals include:

  • Educational  Psychology
  • Integrated  Disabilities  Services  (IDS) and Specialist Teaching Service –  Social  Care  Team;  Physical  Disability  Team  (inc. Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy); Complex Needs team
  • Speech and Language Therapy (NHS and private provision)
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • School Nurse
  • Counselling Services 


What are the school’s policies for the identification and assessment of pupils with special educational needs (SEN)?

All of our teachers teach children with SEN. All of our staff recognise the importance of identifying SEN early and making effective provision quickly. The identification and assessment of SEN is built into the schools approach to monitoring the progress of all pupils.

We assess each pupil’s skills and levels of attainment when they first come to the school. This builds on the information from the child’s previous early years or school where appropriate, and provides us with information we need to monitor their progress. It also ensures that we discover any areas of difficulty early on. Where children already have their SEN diagnosed or identified we will work closely with the family and our partners to make sure we know as much as possible about the child before they start at the school.


School Closure- April 2020

If any parents would like support from Haringey's Language and Autism Support Team (LAST), please contact the team via their shared team inbox last@haringey.gov.uk  ​


Support for Parents during School Closure:


Free visual timetable to support homeschooling:



Pictures to used to create a visual timetable at home:

Resources for a visual timetable- simply print and cut out


Other helpful resources for supporting SEND pupils during the school closure:

https://www.riversideschool.org.uk/page/?title=Coronavirus+Home+Resources&pid=235 - This school has some great resources to support sensory and physical development as well as many others.

Widgit have created some symbols to help with the Coronavirus to help explain the situation to children:

Coronavirus Widgit Symbols

Social Stories


Special Needs Support for Parents:



https://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/- dyslexia support for parents


https://dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk/- dyspraxia support

https://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/- help to support parents/carers with children who have sleep issues. They also have a stress helpline.


Speech and Language:





Complex Needs:





Including Pupils with Downs Syndrome


SEND policy


Local Offer:

Click here to view Haringey's Local Offer


For any concerns please contact Ms Curran via the school office.

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