At St Ignatius our curriculum intent is to provide purposeful, relevant and engaging experiences in a wide range of contexts, making connections across the children’s learning.

At St Ignatius we follow a topic based curriculum which is a ‘connected curriculum’. It is a structured framework of learning units connected by theme and mapped to the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014. The Early Years Foundation Stage learning units are aligned to Development Matters and the Early Learning Goals/Early Years Outcomes. Our connected curriculum recognises the value of providing a balance of thematic and discrete teaching with an emphasis on both knowledge and skills.

The Learning Units focus on one or two focus subjects and are based on or include a key question which provide a starting point of enquiry for our children. The idea is also that there is a ‘hook’ to get the children excited and curious about the topic. For example, a letter arrives/box appears or even a special visitor comes in. They also have an ‘end’ product/celebration event or outcome so that the children can clearly see where their learning is leading. Over the course of the academic year children have an opportunity to explore concepts and ideas through themed units in a range of subjects including Science, History, Geography, DT, Computing, Art and Music.

Time for the learner to reflect and develop their own independent learning is central to the whole idea. Children are taught to be ‘learning detectives’ and to take ownership of their own learning, our Core Learning Skills heavily support this.

Connections between subjects are clearly mapped, whilst providing adaptability and flexibility so that the lives and heritage of learners and their communities can be distinctively embedded. We also work hard to adapt  and evolve our topic curriculum so that we tap into local historical and geographical resources.

Children in Year 1 through to Year 6 are taught using the themed learning units.

The teaching of RE follows the Catholic syllabus The Way, The Truth, The Life.

Cross curricular links will be made between subjects when appropriate and the core learning skills curriculum supports the teaching of PSHE alongside the Jigsaw units.

Computing is taught using ‘Switched on Computing’ from Rising Stars and links are made to the topic curriculum where possible.

Music is taught using the Charanga resource and children in Year 4 and 5 are taught an instrument, currently it is the Ukelele.

The children in KS2 learn Spanish and make progress through the CGP units.

See individual subject pages for more details on the subjects. 

Please look at our year group pages for the half termly parent summaries which give more detail about the learning objectives for each subject.​

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