CJ Bonner

Head Teacher

Ms Curran

Assistant Head Teacher

K Taylor

Assistant Head Teacher


Mrs Foster

Nursery teacher


Miss Allen

Reception Teacher
Early Years Leader

Year 1

Miss Haddon

Year 1 Teacher

Miss McGinty

Year 1 Teacher

Year 2

Miss Hosin

Year 2 teacher

Miss Lyons

Year 2 Teacher

Year 3

Miss Knott

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Robinson

Year 3 Teacher

Year 4

Miss Crome

Year 4 Teacher

Miss Demetriou

Year 4 Teacher

Year 5

Ms Cislo

Year 6

Mr Masterson

Year 6 Teacher

Miss Quinn

Year 6 Teacher


Staff Structure 2021/2022

Board of Governors

Mrs L Keever Chair
Mr A Dickson Vice Chair
Mrs B Mahoney Foundation Gov
Mrs G Warrington Foundation Gov
 Mrs J Ugoagu Foundation Gov
Mr O Hall Parent Governor
Ms D Kalisz Parent Governor
Father Andrew Governor
Dr J Anani Foundation Gov

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

CJ Bonner Head Teacher
V Curran Assistant Head Teacher, Inclusion Manager / SENCo, Assessment Coordinator
K Taylor Assistant Head Teacher,  Teaching and Learning

Extended Leadership Team (ELT)

CJ Bonner HeadTeacher
V Curran Assistant Head Teacher
K Taylor Assistant Head Teacher
S Allan ( EYFS) Achievement Team Leader

Safeguarding responsibilities

CJ Bonner Designated CPO - DSL
V Curran Deputy CPO - DSL
K Taylor DSL
J Coffey Health & Safety Officer
M D'Mello Senior First Aider

Middle Leaders

K Taylor Curriculum Co-ordinator + English
M Masterson RE
L Demetriou Maths + English KS2
R Quinn Science
L Hosin Phonics and Reading
C Lyons PSHE and RHE
B Crome Music


Inclusion Team

V Curran Inclusion Manager
L Cockburn  Educational Psychologist
I Nicholson EWO
K Wells Language Autism Support Team
V Tam Speech and Language Therapist
K Khamache Speech and Language Therapist

Class Teachers

D Foster Nursery
S Allan Reception
T McGinty Year 1
J Haddon Year 1
C Lyons Year 2
L Hosin Year 2
N Robinson Year 3
E Knott Year 3
B Crome Year 4
L Demetriou Year 4
A Cislo Year 5
S Gutzmore Year 5
M Masterson Year 6
R Quinn Year 6

Support Staff

V Osei (NN) Nursery
M  Kissias (NN) Reception
R Boateng Reception
C De Magalhaes Reception
A  Quintero Year 1
A Nicola Year 1
A Paloja Year 2
K Kolowa Year 3
M D'Mello Year 3
R Emin Year 4
U Niemyjska Year 4
A Grono Year 4
M De Koningh Year 5
R Da Costa Year 6

Administration Team

M Hibbert Senior Administrator
  Administrator/Finance Officer
N Genus Business Manager


S Ridge Senior SMSA
R Theodore SMSA
P Rodriques SMSA
M  Kaur SMSA
D  Dean SMSA
A Darkowaa SMSA

Kitchen Staff

E Essandoh Head Cook
H  Zachara Cook
Cleaning Staff
S Site Manager
L Douglas Cleaner
SOS Staff Cleaners


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