For Humanities we are following the Opening Worlds Curriculum in KS2. This is a knowledge-rich programme for teaching history and geography in Years 3 to 6. The programme readily lends itself to cross curricular planning and has been developed by Christine Counsell and Steve Mastin, two leading curriculum minds in the UK.

Opening Worlds does more than merely meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for history and geography. Sequencing, and the inter-linking nature of both subjects, ensure that children are able to develop a rich, secure vocabulary by a careful system of 'revisiting' and practice. 

Opening Worlds covers a range of cultural, historical and ethical backgrounds and offers purposeful and meaningful experiences to apply, share and develop this knowledge . Our diverse, culturally rich, wide-scoping and rigorous/coherent curriculum is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values in a rigorous and coherent way. Explicit links to story telling and creativity are made to ensure children to engage and enthuse learners.  Many enhancement and enrichment activities are used throughout the curriculum to engage learners and create purposeful, high leverage outcomes that give children the opportunity to use and apply their developing knowledge and skills. Our aim is to create an environment that prompts curiosity, critical thinking and allows learners to connect strands of learning across all aspects of the curriculum.

For further information, please see the Opening Worlds Rationale below or visit their website here.


Humanities Overview

Opening Worlds Rationale


History Intent:

'The more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future'

Theodore Roosevelt  

History Intent


History Websites:

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