At St Ignatius, we are committed to making sure that all our pupils develop well spiritually, morally, socially and culturally (SMSC) in order to achieve their full potential.  Here is an example of the activities we use to achieve this goal across the school.

  • Our PEARL values of Prayer, Equality, Achievement, Respect and Love guide life at St Ignatius. In KS1, a weekly assembly guides pupils to understand these concepts. Throughout the school, prizes and certificates are awarded each week for demonstrating one of the PEARL values.
  • Religious Education is a core subject for us. With 2.5 hours of R.E. per week, our pupils are guided to develop, understand and reflect on their faith deeply. We have recently been inspected by the Diocese of Westminster and are eagerly awaiting our results.
  • In PSHE, which we teach weekly, we use JIGSAW as our scheme of learning, whereby each term holds a Topic of study that builds our pupils spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. These are: Being Me in My World (Au1), Celebrating Difference (Au2), Dreams and Goals (Sp1), Healthy Me (Sp2), Relationships (Su1), Changing Me (Su2).
  • Our Behaviour policy ensures that pupils recognise the different between right and wrong, and that inappropriate behaviour and actions have consequences.
  • Through celebrating cultural opportunities like Black History Month, our pupils can benefit from their diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • Each half-term, our classes focus on a Core Learning Skill throughout the curriculum. Spring Term 1 highlighted Thinking Skills, and all classes have been tackling and solving lots of problems together in Maths, Science and other subjects, using a range of different strategies.
  • In every class, pupils are guided to become socially skilful through collaborative learning, debating and listening with increasing understanding.

At St Ignatius, we aim to promote healthy, independent and responsible members of society. We encourage all our pupils to play a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community through class & school councils and fundraising events.  Our pupils are given opportunities in PSHE lessons and assemblies to develop confidence, self-motivation and an understanding of their rights and responsibilities within our diverse society.

We teach SMSC in a variety of ways: as a discrete subject, through Core Learning Skills, via assemblies and through other subjects such as RE and Connected Curriculum, as well as through outdoor educational visits and PSHE.

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