The Core Learning Skills framework contains a progressive bank of ‘I can’ statements from EYFS to the end of KS2. The framework intentionally and systematically develops both pupils’ ability to learn independently and their social skills. The Framework is divided into six strands which are:

  • Learning with others
  • Developing Independence and Responsibility
  • Improving Own Learning and Performance (Becoming Better Learners)
  • Developing a Sense of Self Worth and an Understanding of Self and Others (Knowing me, Knowing you)
  • Thinking Skills
  • Speaking and Listening

We deliver the CLS over a two year cycle, teaching three CLS strands per year. The ‘I can’ statements are progressive and can be used as learning objectives and/or targets supporting the small steps in the development of these skills, which employers frequently cite as being necessary for taking a productive part in our workforce.

Year A:

Autumn: Learning with Others

Spring: Developing Independence and Responsibility

Summer: Becoming Better Learners

Year B:

Autumn: Knowing Me, Knowing You

Spring: Thinking Skills

Summer: Speaking and Listening

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