Year 6 Party – Food list

Food List for the Year 6 Party

Yes, it is that time! Below is a list of food we will require for the party:

Main cake – Cayden’s Mum

Cupcakes – Nia’s Mum

Crisp and Drink – Aniohia’s Mum

Chicken – Kayne’s Mum

Brownies – Lyan’s Mum

Empanadas – Sergi’s Mum

Snacks – John’s Mum

Drinks – Giovanni’s Mum

Fruit and Snacks – Jahmai’s Mum

Water and Snacks – Kelia’s Mum

Drinks – Yohance’s Mum

Doughnuts – Abihail’s Mum

Chicken – Jackie’s Mum

Plates, cups utensils and tissues – Judith’s Mum

Pizza – Sienna’s Mum

Snacks – Anatasia’s Mum

Aden’s Mum? – Fruit Salad

If  your name is not on this list please contribute anything you feel appropriate for the party.

All contributions to be sent in on Wednesday 19th July.

Thank you for your efforts.