Dear Parents/Carers,

The last half term is here. We are looking forward to continuing the progress shown throughout Year 5. This half term includes Sports Day and Drama Workshops. The Year 5 & 6 Swimming Team will also try to retain St Ignatius title of Haringey Swimming Gala Champions from last year. Hopefully it is a great end to a great year for all our students.

These are the main learning objectives this half term that we will be focusing on:

Literacy: Performance Poetry & ‘The Magic Circus’ (Film Narrative)

  • Investigating text types
  • Capturing Ideas, Writing in role & Analysing the text
  • Writing a version of the film
  • Creating a multimedia presentation
  • Write performance poetry
  • Focus on personification and similes in poetry


  • Divide HTU x U (formal & informal methods)
  • Use units of capacity
  • Estimate, measure and draw angles in degrees
  • Identify, estimate and order acute, obtuse and reflex angles
  • Begin to understand percentages of quantities

RE: (A Virtuous Life)

  • Retell the story of the Good Samaritan
  • Know the cardinal virtues
  • Name, describe and explain the life of St John

Our Connected Curriculum Topic is ‘European River Experience’ and the objectives include:

  • The ‘Rhine’ River
  • Condensation, Evaporation & The Water Cycle
  • Performance Poetry on Rivers
  • History of European Rivers

Focus: Geography.

Our Core Learning Skills unit is: ‘Speaking & Listening’.

General Reminders…

  • The children will be doing PE on a Friday.  Please ensure your child has their full PE kit in school and that all items are clearly labelled. Please supply a tracksuit as the weather remains cold throughout the term (KS2).
  • Homework will be given out on a Wednesday or a Friday and will be expected to be handed in by the following Monday.
  • Please ensure that you encourage your child to read their reading books sent home from school, and if possible spend some time listening to them read or reading to them, as all research shows that this is invaluable to their progress.
  • Book Bag changing days will be a Wednesday.
  • Finally please continue to support your child in learning their times tables as we will be continuing to have a big push this year. This is vitally important for their development in Numeracy.

Thanks for your support- Mr O’ Connor and Miss Gray