Dear Parents/Carers,

This term is a very busy one.  We will be performing at the Bernie Grant Centre on Monday 1st July, then we also have sports day, which the children are all very excited about.  Below we have shared with you the main learning objectives for this next half term.

These are the main learning objectives this half term that we will be focusing on:


  • (Non-Fiction)- To look at the features of explanation texts.
  • To write a non-chronological report based on a imaginative deadly creature.
  • To revise use of speech marks.
  • To develop creative writing to include all elements of VCOP.


  • To tell the time on an analogue and digital clock.
  • Adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying using various methods.
  • To read a calendar and to read and interpret Venn and Carroll diagrams.
  • To recall multiplication facts for the 9x tables.


(A Virtuous Life)

The children will become familiar with, retell and draw meaning from the story of the Good Samaritan.  They will then name and describe the cardinal virtues and link them to the life of St John Southworth.  The children will think about the relationships they have in the family, at school, in the parish and in their neighbourhoods.  They will then reflect on how they can be a good neighbour to those around them.

   Our Connected Curriculum Topic is ‘Inner Space’

We are continuing our studies on the topic of our inner self.  We have learnt about the functions of our inner organs such as the brain, heart and lungs and why exercise is so important.  We are now designing a health product and learning about how to protect our skin in the sun.

Our core learning skill is ‘Speaking and Listening’.

General Reminders…

  • PE continues to be on a Tuesday for Year 4.
  • The Music concert at the Bernie Grant Centre will take place on Monday 1st July.  Tickets will be available soon.
  • Please continue to read with your child and sign and comment in the new reading records.

Miss Taylor                                                                                   Miss Fragopoulos