Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you had a lovely Easter Break.  This term we will be having our Numeracy workshop and hope that you will all be able to attend.  We have had great feedback from these workshops and know that you will find it useful in supporting your child. Below we have shared with you the main learning objectives for this next half term.

These are the main learning objectives this half term that we will be focusing on:

Literacy: (Film Narrative)

  • To watch and respond to a short film.
  • To use drama strategies to explore characters and film.
  • To write stories with dilemmas, organised clearly into paragraphs.


  • To be able to read and interpret Venn and Carroll diagrams.
  • To develop mental maths skills/revising 3x,4x,9x, tables.
  • To solve money problems and use written methods (column addition) to work them out.
  • To use, read and write standard metric units of weight: (Kg, g)


(From Easter to Pentecost)

  • The children will be learning about the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit and how the   Gospel retells key events in the life of Jesus; resurrection and ascension.  The children will also be finding out ways of belonging to the community and how the local church is ‘good news’ for people and how everyone can have a part in this.
  • Our Connected Curriculum Topic is ‘Our Inner Space’

Our new topic is all about our inner body.  The children will be learning about how the heart functions and the effect of exercise.  They will also be finding out about the workings of the inner ear and eye.  The children will be doing various experiments to explore these body parts and may be asked to do their own research,

Our core learning skill is ‘Thinking Skills;

 General Reminders…

  • PE continues to be on a Tuesday for Year 4.
  • Music Sessions are continuing on Monday for 4T (guitars!) and Wednesday for 4M (trumpets and clarinets!).  Please remind your child the night before to get their instrument organised to take to school the next day.
  • Please do come to our Numeracy Workshop on 1st May 2013.

Miss Taylor                                                                 Miss Fragopoulos