Dear Parents/Carers,

We welcome you back to Summer term 2. We look forward to the children progressing further and your on-going support.

These are the main learning objectives this half term that we will be focusing on:


-Narrative text – features, reading and comprehension, describing settings and recount. Poetry-riddles.

-Using punctuation and paragraphs correctly, – A focus on various types of grammar: compound words, commas in lists, subject-verb agreement, opposites, speech marks

-Sentence structure, forming letters the correct way, using even spacing between words and neat handwriting, VCOPs to up-level their writing.

Numeracy: –

Formal and informal addition – column addition, finding difference, subtraction, multiplication and division with remainders, equivalent fractions, using pound and pence notation and problems involving money.


‘A Virtuous Life’. Focus on the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’, learning about the four Cardinal virtues of the Church and how virtues are lived by a person of faith. To reflect on the virtues and how we can live them in our lives.

Our Connected Curriculum Topics are:-

We are continuing with our topic ‘Creepy Crawlies’-Focus: Science- Life cycles of animals, habitats, seed dispersals and food chains. We’ll be going on a trip to ‘Haringey Railway Fields’ to broaden their knowledge on the topic.

Our Core Learning Skills units are

‘Speaking and Listening.’

General Reminders…

  • Please ensure that all items your child brings to school are clearly labelled.
  • To encourage responsibility, children should bring in all notes and money and put them on the teachers’ desk in the morning. Please return all money for trips in a labelled envelope.
  • Finally please support your child in reading their books and learning their times tables as we will be continuing to have a big push this last term.

Thanks for your support,

Mrs Okechukwu                                                        Mr Koranteng