Dear Parents/Carers,

We welcome you back to Summer term 1. We look forward to the children progressing further and your on-going support.

These are the main learning objectives this half term that we will be focusing on:

Literacy:  –

The features of non-fiction and information texts and how to write them correctly. The features of a persuasive text, using arguments and how to write an interesting story.

-Using punctuation and paragraphs correctly, using the apostrophe for contraction, verb tenses -A focus on various types of grammar, especially beginnings and endings of words, synonyms and homonyms.

-Sentence structure, forming letters the correct way, using even spacing between words and neat handwriting, VCOPs to up-level their writing.

Numeracy: –

Adding using partition, doubles and near doubles, multiplication and division facts, direction and compass points, angles – right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles, reflex angles, comparing angles with right angles.


‘From Easter to Pentecost’ – The story of the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost – different ways by which He came, ways of belonging to the community, Gospel accounts of key events in the life of Jesus: Resurrection and ascension,

Our Connected Curriculum Topics are:-

‘Creepy Crawlies’-Focus:


What is a plant/animal, differences between living and non-living things, what plants need to grow, life cycles of animals, habitats and food chains.

Our Core Learning Skills units are ‘Knowing me, knowing you.’

General Reminders…

  • Please ensure that all items your child brings to school are clearly labelled.
  • To encourage responsibility, children should bring in all notes and money and put them on the teachers’ desk in the morning. Please return all money for trips in a labelled envelope.
  • Finally please support your child in reading their books and learning their times tables as we will be continuing to have a big push this last term.

Thanks for your support,

Mrs Okechukwu                                                        Mr Koranteng