Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you all had a happy and holy Easter. The children will continue to prepare for the SATs papers that will take place after half term.  We ask that you continue to support your child in getting ready for these by helping them to achieve the objectives outlined below.

Literacy:   To identify features of non-fiction texts.

To write an information report.

To gather information.

To present information to others.


Miss Hughes-Crean’s group:


To add a multiple of ten to a 2-digit number e.g.  14 + 20

To subtract by counting back

To partition numbers into tens and units

To know addition facts for pairs of numbers that total 9 and 10.

Miss Duffy’s group:


To partition numbers into hundreds, tens and units.

To round numbers to the nearest 10.

To find the difference between 2 numbers by counting on.

Recognise halves and quarters of shapes and numbers of objects.



RE: (‘Good News’ and ‘Islam’)

  • To know that the Church family celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit and the Good News of Jesus at Pentecost.
  • To learn about their Islamic sisters and brothers, how they live as a family and how they worship.

Our Connected Curriculum Topic is ‘The Seaside’.  This focuses on Geopgraphy skills.

  • To identify seaside locations within the UK.
  • To recognise the physical and human features of seasides.
  • To look at seasides from the past.
  • To identify different types of weather.

Our Core Learning Skills unit is ‘Speaking and Listening’.

General Reminders…

  • Most children arrive and are collected from school on time which is a great support to their learning.  If for any reason alternative arrangements for your child’s collection at the end of the school day have been made, please ensure you let us know.

Thanks for your support,