Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you have had a restful half term, we have a very busy summer term ahead. The children will be taking part in a phonics screening test, which we will explain in more detail at a later date. It is important you continue to read with your child every day and sign their reading record. If the reading record is not signed we will not change your child’s book.


  • To know the difference between fiction and non-fiction
  • To recognise the features of information texts
  • To use information texts to find specific information
  • To create and write my own information text


  • To subtract a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number by counting back.
  • Begin to add two ‘teens’ numbers
  • Begin to solve real life problems involving money
  • Begin to recognise odd and even numbers up to at least 20

RE: (‘Choices’)

In this topic the children will explore the choices they and others make. They will look at how these choices affect them and others. They will look at the choices that God wants them to make.

Our Connected Curriculum Topic is Our Great Exhibition. The focus of this topic is history.

  • To learn about Victorian schools
  • To learn about life for Victorian children
  • To learn about different modes of transport used in Victorian times.

General Reminders…

  • PE is on a Wednesday for both classes. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit. If possible please label all your child’s clothing, as it makes it easier to sort out lost or mixed up clothing.
  • Please continue to practice the spelling words you are given each week! Challenge your children by asking them to write simple sentences with their words.
  • Most of the children are always very well presented for school but can we urge all parents to ensure their child is wearing the correct uniform.
  • Well done to all those who consistently arrive at school on time everyday.  We appreciate the effort you make and we can see the positive impact it has on the children’s learning.
  • Please make sure you are signing your child’s reading record every time you read with them. We will not change books unless a parent or carer has signed the record.

Thanks for your support, Mrs Kelleher & Miss McBride