Winter Menu Food Tasting

Many thanks to all the parents who attended this event on Tuesday 13th October. Our school cook, Antonia, and all the catering staff prepared many of the dishes they will be serving over the winter months. It was very pleasing to hear the many positive comments made by those who sampled the food.

Dates for your Diary

  • 1st October – Harvest Festival
  • 5th-7th October – Book Fair
  • 13th October – School Meals Winter Menu Food Tasting Event (2:30pm)
  • 14th October – 11am Mass in Church
  • 15th October – 5L Assembly (2:30pm)
  • 22nd October – 2E Assembly (2:30pm)
  • W/B 19th October – Family Learning Conferences
  • 26th-30th October – Half Term Break



Summer Fayre 2015


Friday 10th July         3.15pm

Thank you to all the parents who came to one or both of the parents’ meetings held in school over the past weeks to help set up and organise this event.

Without parental support and contributions, it is not possible for events like these to go ahead.

These are the activities and events that we hope will take place:

Guess the weight in the cake                                                      Lucky Dip

Sweets in the Bottle                                                                       Pin the tail on the donkey

Games stalls                                                                                   Popcorn and candyfloss stall

Foods from around the world                                                         Raffle

Face painting                                                                                  Cooking club

Dancing and games

And many more !……….

In order for this to be a successful event, we need your donations with gifts and / or your time.


Sending in donations – Please send in all your donations from Monday 6th July  –

( including non-perishable foods, prizes for the raffle, lucky dip, games for the games stall.)

The day will also be a non-uniform day where all the children can wear either traditional dress or their own home clothes.

A big part of the fayre will be the community sharing food with each other so get cooking and preparing !!

No cash will be used during the fayre – Families will be able to buy tokens for 20p, 50p and £1.00 which they can use to buy items/ take part in events  at the fayre.

We all look forward to everyone working together to make the Summer Fayre a success.

Thank you

Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament

Some of our Key Stage 2 pupils visited these famous locations that are central to our British democracy.

On Tuesday the 9th June, pupils from Year 5 and 6 were taken on a VIP tour of Parliament. After an early start, we arrived at Westminster for a tour of the main government building of the UK. Although pictures weren’t allowed, we learned so much about it all from our guide, Patrick. We visited the House of Commons, where our elected MPs ask questions and vote for laws, and also the House of Lords, where appointed people revise and approve those laws. We even saw two of the Queen’s thrones – one was covered in gold! The young politicians had so many questions they impressed our guide.
When we left the tour, a man approached us in Westminster Hall. His name was Laurence, and he worked for David Lammy, the MP for Tottenham. He explained that Mr Lammy was in a debate about London’s Air Pollution, and told us about how to get careers in politics. We told him the results of Year Five’s experiments from last term.
Next, we paid our respects with a minute’s silence at the Cenotaph in the middle of Whitehall.
The biggest surprise of all awaited, when Mr Coffey explained that we could go through the gates of Downing Street and approach the most famous door in the country. We took lots of photographs and asked the guide more questions about life on Downing Street. Apparently, David Cameron was at home, and had just finished a meeting with his team but we couldn’t see him.
Then we passed through Horseguards Parade, and finally got to sit down and eat lunch in Green Park. Will we ever forget this day?