Dear Parents/Carers
Autumn Term: Topic – Colours/Myself.

Welcome to all those parents whose children have returned to us after the summer holidays. A special welcome to the families
joining St Ignatius Nursery for the first time.

Our aim this term is mostly to help the children to settle into the nursery routine and also help them to become independent in
choosing tasks and activities within the nursery.

The day-to-day routine usually consists of:

• 8.45am/ 12.15pm – Children come into nursery putting names onto board and select an activity independently.
Please ensure your child is on time.
• 9.10am/ 12.40pm – Free choice/Adult directed Activities
• 10.10am/ 1.40pm – Snack Time
• 10.30 am/ 2pm – Outdoor play
• 11.30am/ 3.00pm – Singing & Home time. Please ensure you are on time to pick your children up.

The Foundation Stage consists of seven areas of learning and I will outline some of the planned goals for your children for this

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:
• For the children to find their peg and hang their names up.
• The children will learn to help to tidy up the nursery.
• The children will learn to take turns and share with their friends.
• To learn to walk inside the nursery for their personal safely.
• To say “please” and “thank you” at snack time.

Communication, Language & Literacy:
• To listen to lots of stories based on colours such as Elmer, The Green queen, etc.
• To learn colour names.

• To recognise their name and attempt to write their name on their work.

Mathematical Development:
• To sing lots of number and colour songs: 5 green bottles, 5 brown teddies, 1 grey elephant, etc.
• To begin to count to 10.
• To match and sort colours, patterns and objects through various games.

Expressive and Design:
• To play with coloured playdough, corn flour, etc and feel what it is like and it helps develop fine motor skills. To do
sponge painting, hand and finger painting.
• To use musical instruments and join in with songs and dances.

Understanding the World:
• To learn about what we use our bodies for and our senses.
• To learn to use the computer.
• To learn about the R.E. topic – In the Beginning: Come to know that God loves each one always and at all times.
Begin to hear about God’s wonderful world. Be able to join in simple prayers and hymns.

Physical Development:
• To learn safety procedures for outdoor play and how to use the equipment safely.
• To develop gross motor skills on outdoor equipment.
• To develop fine motor skills by doing activities such as threading, colouring and painting.

A gentle reminder – please give in this half term’s piggy money of £8 as soon as possible. Any questions or queries please feel
free to ask at the start or the end of the session and we will be happy to answer them.

Yours sincerely,
Reynolds Koranteng