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Secondary School Open Evenings:
The Good Shepherd Mass at Westminster Cathedral

On Thursday 4th June a number of our pupils attended the Good Shepherd mass at Westminster Cathedral.

The mass was celebrated by Cardinal Vincent Nichols and it proved to be a very memorable occasion as the children had the opportunity to meet the Cardinal afterwards.


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Downing  Street and the Houses of Parliament
Some of our Key Stage 2 pupils visited these famous locations that are central to our British democracy.
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National Vegetarian Week
Next week is National Vegetarian Week.  The children will be offered an extra variety of delicious vegetarian dishes to try for their school lunch.
The idea is to celebrate vegetarian food as being vibrant, exciting and flavourful.
Please have a look at this link:

St Ignatius Prime Minister

Last week we witnessed the United Kingdom gather at their local polling stations to vote for who they wanted as their local MP.

To give the pupils an experience of what happens during that time, we held  mock elections at St. Ignatius.  All the children who were interested in being Prime Minister for the day had to write a short manifesto on what positive changes they could bring to school life.  The four candidates that were chosen then had to campaign around the school to get as many votes as possible.

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Cookery Club

As part of our goals in developing our status as a Healthy School, we launched our Cookery Club.  Each week, on a Thursday after school, the children will be making a healthy meal or snack.

This week the children made a healthy salad wrap and had a wonderful time working as a team!

I must say that the wraps were delicious!  Jamie Oliver, you better watch out!


3M Healthy Living Assembly

On Thursday 7th May 2015 3M did an assembly on being healthy.  They taught us about the importance of a healthy diet and about being aware of what we eat.

The highlight of the assembly and what really drove their message across, was their Health Funk Rap!!

Well done 3M.

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Quad Athletics Competition at New River Sports Centre

Once again St. Ignatius have come back from a competition with medals!!

24 schools from across Haringey gathered at New River Community Sports Centre in Wood Green to participate in the annual Quad Athletics Competition.

All teams consisted of 4 girls and 4 boys from Year 6 that had to compete in 5 different events; Javelin, Sprint race, Standing Long Jump, long distance run and a team relay.

Our athletes performed excellently in every event and the encouragement that they gave each other was awe inspiring to all that witnessed it.  The event organisers and adults from other schools, were very impressed by our children’s attitude and focus during each event and their sportsman/woman-ship to the other participants.

We were so unlucky not to finish in first place, as the points gap between 3rd, where we finished, and first was only 20 points.

Guys, we may have finished 3rd, but in my opinion you’ll always be number 1!

Mr Henry

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Year 6 join the staff from Sainsbury’s to raise money for charity.

On Friday 13th March, a group of Year 6 pupils joined staff at Sainsbury’s to perform a few dance moves to raise money for Comic Relief. They all danced to a few old favourites before the children decided to entertain with their own acapela singing!
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5O Pendarren: Day 5

On our last night in Pendarren we had a celebration event.  The children were then woken early this morning so that all the packing was finished in time.

After breakfast we went to the market town of Abergavenny to visit some of the historical sights and buy souvenirs.

At 12:30pm we waved goodbye to the Pendarren staff and made our way home.

We have had a fantastic week!

5O Pendarren: Day 4 

Ms Opie organised a fitness session before breakfast just to take in the fresh air.
After breakfast we set off for the Gower Peninsula for our day by the sea.
We arrived at a place called Caswell Bay just in time for low tide.
We all looked to see what the sea had left behind in the rock pools.
Our instructors guided us to the best spots to find sea creatures.

Armed with buckets we managed to find all kinds of crabs and a whole variety of sea life.
When we had discussed all our finds  we put everything back in the sea.

The children had lunch on the beach
and there was time afterwards to play football and throw Frisbees.
By the time we arrived back from the coast  to Pendarren we had worked up an appetite.
Judging from the smells coming from the kitchen we were in for a treat.

The Pendarren staff have produced some lovely food all week for us.
Three cheers for the kitchen staff!!
Everybody agreed that it had been a really exciting day by the sea
Tonight we will have a farewell celebration!

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5O Pendarren: Day 3

The children take their turns to serve breakfast and dinner so very carefully every day.
It is all good training and maybe they will try it out again at home!

At 9.30am we headed off in the minibuses for an adventure journey across country.
We started down in a valley and began to climb through a mountain stream and rocks.
Everyone had to concentrate as we encountered obstacles on the way.

Later in the day the high ropes course proved to be a real challenge.
The children built up crates and worked well together in their teams.
There was lots of excitement and it was not long before they became experts.
Well done to all.

Tonight Daniel Morden  the famous author will be visiting us at the house.
The children are looking forward to hearing lots of tales from his books.

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5O Pendarren: Day 2 – First Aid Training

Today the 5O children were put through their paces as they learned how to save a life with emergency first aid training at the Pendarren House.


5O in Pendarren: Day 2

Day 2 brought a beautiful morning so we decided to go for walk in the grounds of the house before breakfast. The early morning is certainly the best time of the day in the countryside.

After breakfast everybody set about doing all their housekeeping duties. The children were waiting in suspense to see how many marks they would be awarded for their hard work. The Pendarren staff congratulated everybody for such well kept rooms.
Well done to all!!

Both groups visited Big Pit coalmine in Blaenavon. Everyone was given mining helmets with lights and then taken below ground in a lift. We learnt that horses were still in use  in the mine until 1970.
Many miners lost their lives because those were dangerous times.

The next activity of the day was canoeing and this proved very popular . It called for real team work and the children did their very best to  succeed. After dinner we took part in an emergency first aid course run by a member of the Pendarren staff. Congratulations are due to all the children for doing so well at this activity.

It had been a long day as 25 weary children made their to way to the last activity, sleep…..zzzzzzzzz

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5O in Pendarren: Day 1

We had a pleasant journey from London with everybody looking forward to the week ahead. The children were excited to see the change of scenery as we crossed over into Wales. Mr Coffey pointed out the River Grwyney and we could see see Pendarren House not far away. We  were welcomed by the Pendarren House staff and shown around.

In the afternoon we all went walking on Blorange Mountain.

When we got back there were some very strange versions of bed making but lessons were learned!!!

We await to see what day 2 brings.




St. Ignatius Chess Club

On Wednesday 22nd April 2015, the St Ignatius Chess Club was launched. 17 pupils of all abilities practised and applied their skills, some for the first time!

The group, which consisted of Year 4 and 5 pupils were all engaged in the complex game of logic and strategy. Below are some snaps from the club.

Miss Nguyen looks forward to the second session on Wednesday 29th April 2015.

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Road Safety Assembly

Haringey’s road safety team visited the school and reminded us all of ways to keep safe when making our way to and from school.

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Lego Club

Over the past months, we have been setting up Lego clubs at lunchtime – they are now running across the school. Each day different groups of pupils get the chance to design and create their own Lego world. Its a great opportunity for pupils to work collaboratively with peers, to discuss ideas which can then became the stimulus for creative pieces of writing.

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Read For My School Update: 1283 books read so far!

Well done children!

Remember our aim is to get to 1500 by World Book Day on Thursday


The children in Reception class have been learning ‘All About Me’ this term. This topic really came to life when Dr. Hibbert came to visit and told the children all about her work.#

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