Walk to School Month

Crowland Primary school arrived to give us Hari bear today to help us to think about Walk to School Month. We took Hari on more adventures and walked him to Stamford Hill Primary School. Six children from Year 1 were responsible for walking Hari to the next school as a part of a big relay around the schools in Haringey.

Gold Accredited School Travel Plan


We have just been awarded with Gold for our school travel plan! We are so pleased. The children have worked so hard. If you are curious what this means please click

We are now one of the most sustainable schools in Haringey!


Parent Meetings

Next week we will be holding Parents Meetings to discuss the new year and what exciting things we have planned.

Years 1 and 2 – Tuesday 20th at 9am

Years 3-6 – Wednesday 21st at 9am

Roald Dahl is 100 years old!


This week is Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday. In order to celebrate it the whole school is reading a Roald Dahl book and using it as inspiration during their English lessons.