5L go to The Tower of London

We have just come back from The Tower of London trip. We learnt about the Battle of Hastings and William I and Harold Godwinson. We felt so privileged to live in a beautiful city.

Thank you for all the Harvest Food!

Dear All,
Thank you so much for your generous donations for our Harvest Festival. We have collected a huge amount for the North London Action for the Homeless who we will be delivering the items to at the end of this week.
One of the volunteers, Mike, is completely overwhelmed by the volume of donations, so WELL DONE ST IGNATIUS!
Thank you for all of your support,
Ms Stapleton

Welcome back!

Welcome back. We all hope you’ve had a restful break. The children are settling in well and so far have produced some lovely work. We look for to meeting all our new Reception and Nursery children.