On Friday 14th November, 1N were lucky to receive an educational visit from the London Ambulance Service. Simon the paramedic arrived in an ambulance to teach them about what to do in an emergency. During the visit, the children were taught how to tell the difference between a minor incident and major emergency. They were also introduced to the process of calling an ambulance and how to respond to certain questions after calling 999, such as ‘which emergency service do you require?’ and which address and telephone number to give. During the class session, the LAS Paramedic also gave a live demonstration of different equipment used in an emergency, which included an oxygen mask and tank, and support frames for broken limbs. Plastic gloves were also shown to focus on the importance of hygiene and preventing infections.
After the class session, 1N were shown the inside of the ambulance. They even got to see the emergency lights come on at the top of the vehicle and hear the very loud siren!
It was a very productive and enriching day for 1N, which they will surely remember for a long time.

Here are some photos from the visit.

Ambulance Visit 5 Ambulance 4 Ambulance Visit 3 Ambulance Visit 2 Ambulance Visit