July 2017

Strawberries and Cream Event

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May 2017

Walk to School

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Year 6 Nutrition

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March 2017-

Ash Wednesday


February 2017 –

Year 1 Phonics Impact workshop

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Year 5 Level 2 Cycling Course

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World Book Day Assembly – Year 1H

January 2017 – 

Year 3 Pedestrian training

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December 2016

David Lammy

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November 2016

Reception Open Day

We really enjoyed our open day in reception. Many adults came to help us to learn.

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October 2016 –

We were very proud to collect our Gold Travel Award this month!


Walk to school month 07/10/2016

Crowland Primary school arrived to give us Hari bear today to help us to think about Walk to School Month. We took Hari on more adventures and walked him to Stamford Hill Primary School. Six children from Year 1 were responsible for walking Hari to the next school as a part of a big relay around the schools in Haringey.

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Parents’ Taster Session – Try our new menu

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Reception Sports Day 2016!

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Parents’ Reading Morning June 2016

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Tottenham Festival June 2016 Year 4

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Boys Football Tournament June 2016

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Crowning of Mary May 2016

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Walking Bus May 2016

Walking bus from Sainbury’s Stamford Hill for Walk to School week. Thanks to those who joined our walk. We had a great turn out.

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3F goes to St. Ann’s Library

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We saw a Gruffalo and the Gruffalo was good!

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World book Day

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St. Ignatius triumphed at tag rugby!

The boys came first and the girls came 5th!

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Bikeability 2016

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Macmillan Coffee Morning

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1K Harvest Festival Celebration

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Quad Athletics Competition @ New River Community Sports Centre

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Around the World Day

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Lego Club

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Urban Strides Street Dance workshop

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Charity Event at Sainsbury’s

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Spring Music Workshops:

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World Book Day 2015

World Book Day


Year 3 Visit to the Royal Academy of Music

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Year 1 Parents Reading Workshop:

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Quotes from parents attending the workshop:

‘I wasn’t aware year 1 use ipads so often. This is good as my child uses learning apps at home’
‘I learnt how to help my child to sound out letters’
‘It’s interesting to see how they progress, I am quite impressed – Kudos to the teachers’.
‘I found it very useful’
‘I would love to come again and attend a workshop on how to support my child in Maths’

Our Athletics team were runners up in the Haringey Championships which took place at Heartlands Secondary School:

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Year 6 took part in the ‘Young Voices’ concert at the O2 Arena:

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Year 1 visited Bruce Castle Museum:

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21st January 2015. Many parents attended our school dinners meeting and enjoyed sampling the latest menu.

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The children put on a fantastic Nativity production, here are the photos:

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Reading at St Ignatius