Flag_of_Spain.svg At St. Ignatius we are dedicated to providing a strong Spanish Curriculum. Our dedicated Spanish teacher, Senora Hammond is a fluent speaker and makes all our lessons full and enjoyable.


One World Club

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Senora Hammond has created the ‘One World Club’ where we can come and talk about many different topics, giving us the ability to speak freely without worrying about making a mistake. We have learnt some phrases to use when taking part in a debate. For example,

Now is the time to stand up for!

We are all united in our belief that!

We agree that….

It is important….

In Our World Club we learnt how to debate about many things such as the refugee crisis.

We made some posters for Young refugees who arrive in Dover in Kent so that they can feel welcome in their new country and not feel scared. We had a debate after learning about refugees and we thought that we should help refugees. We watched a film about a young refugee who couldn’t find a home.


We have learnt to respect others and to be kind when we were playing games to get to know each other better. The club has also helped me to achieve when we are in school. We played a game where we had to say which countries were in which continent. So if we are in class and Miss asks us which in  continent is, for example, Portugal, we know because we played this game it is in Europe. We learnt, this in Our World Club.

Eduarda   4C

Our World club has helped me to be confident when I am speaking in front of lots of people. I love that when we come to Our World Club sometimes we don’t have to be serious and we just have fun  playing games.

I like the way that we all work together as a team. We are never afraid of each other because sometimes new people come into the club and we all greet them nicely and we are always friends and nothing bad ever happens.

Plevinas 4C

In Our World Club we have learnt how to debate and to get to know each other. We get more confident and learn how to speak in front of people. We learnt about different things like endangered animals and how safe it is to fly. It is good because we are better at debating than some of the older children but we also get more ideas from them.

Healthy Sports in Spanish
In Year 4 in Spanish we have been learning all the sports that keep us healthy.
We can write the sports in Spanish and say the sports that we do and don’t like. We made some lovely, colourful posters and presented them in class. You can see them hanging in our classrooms.
Can you see these sports?
El fútbol
El ping pong
These are our favourites! We all said ¡me gusta!
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Our Euro 2016 Competition
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