Religious Education


Religious Education is taught in accordance with the doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church.

Religious rites and ceremonies follow the practices of the Church. We show our sense of belonging to the family of God by being aware of problems affecting those less fortunate than ourselves. This is achieved with various fundraising projects for worthy causes. The Religious Education scheme is based on the Diocesan approved Units of Faith programmes of study. It aims to lead pupils to a closer relationship with the Father, through studying three main elements: -Life/Creation/Redemption.

In this way the pupil’s knowledge is built up from their immediate family, to the extended family in the world.

Pupils follow a planned programme for daily collective worship either in the classroom or at assembly.

We aim:

  • To help pupils to know God and experience the Christian life of the community
  • To build a partnership between home, parish, community and school
  • To develop the ways of faith through the whole curriculum and life of the school
  • To embrace the whole person and look for a balance between knowledge of doctrine (teaching), response to God (worship), and the personal and social development of the pupil (values)
  • To adopt a whole world approach in our awareness of issues of justice and peace and the multicultural nature of our society and faith.

Crowning of Mary

As the month of May is dedicated to Our Mother Mary, we held a prayer service at school to venerate her.


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Wednesday Word

Starting on Wednesday 17th April 2013 your child will be bringing The Wednesday Word leaflet home from school. The Wednesday Word is a gift to you and your family because of your connection with this Catholic school.

Every Wednesday, a ‘word’ (inspired by the Sunday Gospel) will be suggested for you and your family to talk about...Read More »

The Wednesday Word

Every week on Wednesday every child in the school from Year 1 through to Year 6 receives a copy of the Wednesday Word. The Wednesday Word mission aims to help all school families draw closer to God, to the Church and to each other. The Wednesday Word seeks to reach...Read More »

For the Common Good

It is an important mission in catholic schools that we raise the plight of those in the world less fortunate than ourselves. Simple acts of kindness and larger events that help to raise awareness of the difficulties people have to suffer under are all part of teaching the children about...Read More »

Stations of the Cross

During the season of Lent leading up to Easter the children take part in the devotion known as Stations of the Cross. It offers them a chance to experience what it must have been like for Christ in the final moments before his death and to try and understand the...Read More »

Year 5 Trip to South Tottenham Synagogue

Year 5 made the short journey to South Tottenham Synagogue to learn more about the Jewish religion. They were guided round the synagogue by Rabbi Shmeul who told them many important reasons how and why the synagogue is laid out in a particular way. The children asked some searching questions and were...Read More »