Religious Education


Religious Education is taught in accordance with the doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church.

Religious rites and ceremonies follow the practices of the Church. We show our sense of belonging to the family of God by being aware of problems affecting those less fortunate than ourselves. This is achieved with various fundraising projects for worthy causes. The Religious Education scheme is based on the Diocesan approved Units of Faith programmes of study. It aims to lead pupils to a closer relationship with the Father, through studying three main elements: -Life/Creation/Redemption.

In this way the pupil’s knowledge is built up from their immediate family, to the extended family in the world.

Pupils follow a planned programme for daily collective worship either in the classroom or at assembly.

We aim:

  • To help pupils to know God and experience the Christian life of the community
  • To build a partnership between home, parish, community and school
  • To develop the ways of faith through the whole curriculum and life of the school
  • To embrace the whole person and look for a balance between knowledge of doctrine (teaching), response to God (worship), and the personal and social development of the pupil (values)
  • To adopt a whole world approach in our awareness of issues of justice and peace and the multicultural nature of our society and faith.


We are fortunate enough to be supported in our delivery of the RE curriculum by our RE link governor Andrew Dickson. 

RE Policies:

  Religious Education Policy Oct 18 V3
Collective Worship Policy Oct 18 V3
Collective Worship Guidelines V3
Prayer Policy Oct 18
St Ignatius RE SEF Dec18 V2