Physical Education

pe-1Pupils have one hour of PE timetabled per week through which we develop the six areas of activity as set out in the National Curriculum – Dance; Games; Gymnastics; Athletics; Outdoor and Adventurous activities; Swimming.

Children are given the opportunity to swim during KS2 and we aim for all pupils leaving the school to be able to swim at least 25m. All pupils also have the opportunity to complete the National Cycling Proficiency scheme in KS2.

Sports taught include football; tag rugby; netball; basket ball; kwik cricket and short tennis, as well as athletics. There are tournaments throughout the year, please see our news page for up to date information on these.


Our Sports Blog

Year 5 football Tournament @ St. Thomas More Secondary  September 30th 2016

The Year 5’s took part in the annual football tournament, hosted by St. Thomas More, on Friday 30th September which was , for most of the participants, their first time representing the school at a football competition.  Mr Henry was very proud of what they achieved and was pleased with how they not only represented themselves but St. Ignatius School.

Hi 5 Netball Tournament @ Highgate Primary School October 18th 2016

A squad of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils attended Highgate Primary School to take part in the annual Hi 5 Netball competition.  Coach Wayne described the tournament as ‘intense and of high quality’ from Our team did a fantastic job finishing high up in the rankings.

Tag Rugby Tournament @ The Skolars Rugby Club November 10th 2016

The Tag Rugby Squad was taken to the Skolars Rugby Club on Thursday 10th November to participate in the Tag Rugby tournament in White Hart Lane.  The team did exceptionally well, reaching the quarter finals of the tournament.  Mr Henry said that the team have great potential and will do better next time.

Year 6 Boys and Girls Table Tennis Tournament @ Gladesmore Secondary School 15th November 2016

The Year 6 boys and girls took part in a Table Tennis competition earlier this month and after the success of the girls’ team last year, Mr Henry and Coach Wayne were feeling very optimistic.  Both teams played well and came against some really seasoned table tennis players.  The girls, unfortunately, finished 5th on their day but the boys’ team were able to get into a medal winning spot of 2nd.  Well done to both teams!

Sports Hall Athletics January 12th 2017

This week the Athletics Team took part in the Sports Hall Athletics Competition at Heartlands Academy in Wood Green.  The team again finished in the top 2 and went through to the finals which will start at the beginning of February.

Sports Hall Athletics Finals February 2nd 2017

Well done to the Athletics Squad for finishing in 2nd place at the Sports Hall Finals. Mr Henry said, “It was a close fought battle between us and the eventual winners.  3 years on the spin we have finished second, we can be happy with that.  It shows consistency.”

3v3 Basketball Tournament @ Greig City Academy February 24th 2017

This week, the basketball team took part in the 3v3 Basketball tournament.  It was a wonderful packed turn out of primary school children representing 20 Haringey Schools across the borough.  Our guys and girls played brilliantly but found themselves in a very tough group.  Well done guys for your effort, we will do better next time.

Skolars Tag Rugby Tournament April 20th 2017

Well done to our Tag Rugby team finishing 2nd in this year’s tournament.

Quads Athletics @ Haringey Running Club New River Sports Centre May 23rd 2017

This year’s event was tough for our team as the summer heat played a big part in their stamina. After a great start in the jumping and throwing events our runners were just too tired to push through in the long distance run.  Better luck next year guys.

Haringey Netball Tournament @Highgate Primary school

The Netball Team were involved in a tournament this week with 24 Haringey schools taking part.  The team played excellently and were able to finish in 8th.  Well done girls!

Haringey 6 aside Football tournament @Barnet Power League June

The heat played a big part in last week’s football competition. We had a fantastic start to the tournament with a 4-0 win. However, the pace of each game combined with the summer’s day heat it soon took its toll on the players.  Unlucky guys!

Haringey Girls and Best Team Quick Cricket Competition @North Middlesex Cricket Club  June

The girls had a great tournament this year ranking 12th.  The mixed competition was cancelled and will be rescheduled in a few weeks.