Mathematics at St Ignatius Primary School

We plan our Maths teaching in accordance with the requirements of the National Curriculum. All elements of the curriculum are covered over the course of the academic year in the daily Maths lessons, but we sometimes also meet our Maths objectives in other subjects. St Ignatius pupils see Maths as a set of skills that can inspire them and be applied effectively in a range of contexts.

At St Ignatius, the key curriculum aims of developing fluency in maths, improving mathematical reasoning and advancing problem solving skills are constantly being addressed. From Reception up to Year 6, children are being challenged to explore mathematical concepts using a combination of appropriate concrete resources and use of mathematical language.

We make use of a range of teaching strategies to complement the variety of needs within the school. All children experience using concrete resources such as Numicon, dienes (base 10 cubes) and number fans. This helps them to be able to make connections between concepts and to develop their confidence in Maths.

Children’s learning is reinforced at every opportunity during the school day, including foundation subjects and play-time. We also give pupils weekly Maths homework which allows them to further develop the skills learned in the classroom. As parents, your input is invaluable: you can offer your child support when they complete their homework and encourage them to explain to you what they have been learning at school.


We are happy to utilise the fantastic Sumdog e-learning platform at St Ignatius. Click here to access the website and log in with your child’s details. 


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World Book Day 2019

Today is World Book Day! The children and staff at St. Ignatius have been celebrating World Book Day with some very imaginative costumes, inspired by characters from their favourite books.  

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