Music at St Ignatius

Music plays a special role in developing children’s social, communication and artistic skills. At St Ignatius, a specialist teacher teaches Music throughout the key stages.

During EYFS and KS1, children develop musicianship skills, using their voices, body percussion, and classroom instruments.  They start being able to copy simple rhythmic and melodic patterns, and by Year 2, children recognize some standard musical notation. Years 1 & 2 take part in a weekly Singing Assembly.

Throughout KS2, children continue to develop and build on the musical skills embedded at KS1. Singing remains a core element of the music curriculum and children can join an After-School KS2 Choir.

All children in Year 4 have the opportunity to learn trumpet in groups led by specialist instrumental tutors.  They can opt to continue these instruments in Year 5.

In Years 5 &6, children continue to develop their musicianship skills through whole class djembe sessions; they compose music in the style of the Blues; listen to and appraise examples of world music, and make use of ICT in composition projects, using software such as ‘Garageband’ and ‘Audacity’.


Royal Academy of Music:

Year 3 children have been taking part in a cteative workshop with post-graduate students from the Royal Academy of Music, under the expert guidance of workshop leader, Sam Glazer. The children spent a day at the RAM, near Regent’s Park, where they watched a performance of a Haydn Symphony, the piece that is the inspiration for the composing they have been doing in the workshops. On Wednesday and Friday this week, the musicians visited us here to work with 3R and 3M. The children were amazed at the sounds of the instruments and the technique of the performers, but we were all astounded by the high standards of performance achieved by both classes as they performed their compositions to the rest of the school.


Years 4 and 5 enjoyed their djembe workshops with Onime. For year 4, this was their firstdjembe experience, but for year 5, it was a chance to show off the djembe rhythms learnt in class music, and to develop their skiDjembe Workshoplls further. The children were really focused throughout the sessions and were full of enthusiasm afterwards. We are looking forward to many more visits from Onime in the weeks to come.