books-7842071Every aspect of the children’s work is influenced by the extent to which they use language with imagination and accuracy. Competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening is encouraged throughout the curriculum in order to enable the children to communicate appropriately and effectively. However, we teach English daily as a discrete subject from Year 1 to Year 6 following the English Curriculum, with opportunities for Literacy in the Foundation Stage incorporated within the child’s day according to principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Reading is taught initially using two phonics programmes called ‘Letters and Sounds’ and ‘Jolly Phonics’ before moving onto our reading scheme. The programme is introduced in the Reception class and consolidated throughout Key Stage 1. Opportunities are also given during Key Stage 2 using Letters and Sounds approach for further consolidation of phonics and some pupils undertake specific intervention programmes such as Rapid Reading if they experience difficulties with reading.

IMPACT Workshop - Narrative Writing

Over thirty of our Year 6 parents came to the IMPACT workshop on Wednesday morning that explored the theme of Narrative Writing . Mr Soyka Miss Taylor Miss Carnac and Mr Ellis were in attendance to support and lead the workshop. The parents learned how the school teaches the children to...Read More »

Reading at St Ignatius in the Early Years

Every morning between 9:00am and 9:30am every child in Reception and Year 1 spend time with an adult in group guided reading session. The children work on developing their fluency when reading texts and decoding words using phonic strategies.

...Read More »

Resident Poet

Neal Zetter our resident poet has been working with the children for just over a half term and has helped them to have a better understanding of the way in which they write and deliver poetry. Poetry is Neal’s passion and he enjoys helping the children find the language within...Read More »

Reading Carousel

Every morning all children in Reception and Year 1 classes take part in a reading carousel. They sit in groups of 6 with an adult to read stories together and explore, through discussion different parts of the book. It is an exciting way of helping the children to develop their...Read More »

Giles Paley-Phillips

Gils Paley-Phillips paid a visit to school in October as part of poetry week. He is an award winning author who shared many of his stories with the children and helped them to have an insight in to the hard work and determination it takes to be a published poet...Read More »