Year 6W

Term Letter Yr 6 Autumn 2

We are always busy in Year 5, please read below to see what we’ve already accomplished.

Year 5 at the Science Museum

Recently Year 5 put their Science hats on for an exciting day of experiments in the Wonderlab at the Science Museum, South Kensington. They learned all about rocket propulsion,sound waves,electrical energy and how friction works. In the Wonderlab everybody was encouraged to take an active part in finding out all about the wonders of Science. Rocket to the moon anybody?

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Parents Reading Morning

We really enjoyed having our parents in to read with us. We value reading at home. It helps us so much at school.

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Tower of London Visit

We have just come back from The Tower of London trip. We learnt about the Battle of Hastings and William I and Harold Godwinson. We felt so privileged to live in a beautiful city.

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Inside My Head Project
Children in Year 5 discussed what is important to them and what they think about. We discussed our faith, families and future ambitions. The children used newspaper and magazine cut outs to share what goes on inside their head! Check out our new corridor display outside the Year 5 classrooms in the Briant Building.
Roald Dahl Day 2017
Every year, children all over the UK (and the world!) celebrate Roald Dahl’s Birthday (13th September) by remembering his wonderful, wordy work! This year, children in Year 5 worked in groups to complete a variety of tasks to show our appreciation for the world famous author. We discussed Roald Dahl’s famous books and his eventful life. Come and see our display on the ground floor of Briant Building.
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Our Core Learning Skill

This term our core learning skill is “Knowing me, Knowing you”. Stiggy has been helping us to remember our I can statements.