Year 5 2018 – Pendarren Trip

Pendarren 2018

Pendarren House

Day 1 -5S

Day 1

We made good time from London to Wales and everybody was very excited when we crossed over into Wales.

The mountains  rose up to greet us as we neared Pendarren House situated outside the village of Llangenny.

The staff were all waiting to greet us and they welcomed everybody to  Pendarren for the week.
The children were given a guided tour and  they took their cases to their rooms before having lunch.
In the afternoon we had our first activity of the week.
It was exciting to be able to stroll across the fields on a nature ramble in this beautiful part of the world.
Such a change from our city surroundings,with the mountains and valleys in the distance.

After lunch we visited the Pendarren  greenhouse to learn all about growing different plants and vegetables.
Later the children made their beds,unpacked their suitcases and were ready for the very appetising evening meal.

Tomorrow we are off to the Gower  coast.

Day 2
Today  we were up early to get ready for our journey home.
Before  leaving  Wales we went to mass for the feastday of St Peter and St Paul
at Abergavenny.
We were made very welcome by the priest who mentioned the name of our school at the beginning of mass.
The welcome did not stop there because we were all invited in to the local primary school beside  the church.
The whole party was given refreshments and our children played football for playtime.
This week has been a wonderful experience for all.
See you sat 5.30 today at the school.

Sports Day Winners

After having a wonderful Sports Day. We now have had a wonderful Sports Day Awards ceremony. The children all cheered and praised the winners. Awards were also given out for overall contribution in sports at St. Ignatius as well as many football awards.

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Around the World Day

We had a lovely time learning about different cultures in our Around the World Day. We love celebrating diversity and realised that it makes us stronger.

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