Year 5 2018 – Pendarren Trip

Pendarren 2018

Pendarren House

Day 1 -5L

As we crossed over the River Severn the mountains of South Wales were in our sight. After passing Abergavenny and Blorenge Mountain we were soon at Pendarren  House. A member of the Pendarren staff gave the children a guided tour around the facilities and then it was time for lunch. Everybody was pleased to hear that  there would be an activity in the afternoon.  The children were all given their Pendarren kit and we set off with the instructors to experience life in the countryside. The groups ran through the fields overcome with excitement. Later the children were able to improve their gardening skills by planting French marigolds and tomatoes in the Victorian greenhouse. When we got back to the house, suitcases were unpacked and beds prepared. There were many different versions of how not to put on a duvet cover! After an energetic afternoon  the dinner of pizza and jacket potato was well received. At the end of an eventful day there were lots of yawns as the children settled down to sleep. Good night!!
Day 2

The children were awake early to get the day started. After room tidying, both groups set off in mini buses for the first activity of the day.

Group 1 went canoeing, which proved to be an exciting challenge for everybody as they learned all about the techniques needed to glide through the water. However, some of them were not so expert in staying in the canoe and found out how cold the water really was! Everybody safe and well.

Group 2 were taken to Big Pit coal mine, at Blaneavon. The children looked like real miners when they were given helmets and lights to go underground in a lift and down into the tunnels. They were told all about the history of the mine and what it was like to work there all those years ago. The miners were very impressed with all of the different questions that the children asked them.

At the end of a very busy day, the children were happy to take to their beds…

Day 3

Today we were climbing and abseiling on a wooden tower with foot-holes on it.
The children quickly learned the techniques using ropes and safety equipment.
The children faced many different challenges and learned all about the importance of good teamwork. They then had the opportunity to go on the Pendarren zip wire, which took them whizzing across through a field.
The adventure journey was another highlight of the day, which started at
Blaen y Glynn.We made our way across country by following the course of a stream. As the water gushed along, great fun was had, slipping and sliding on our way.
After an energetic adventure, it was time to head back to Pendarren in the mini buses and a chance to rest weary muscles.
We have a long day tomorrow at the Gower Coast, so we are all hoping for good weather by the seaside.

Day 4:

The sun shone brightly for our visit to the Gower Coast, near Swansea Bay.
When we arrived down by the sea at Caswell Bay, the tide was out and everything seemed perfect on the sandy beach.
The children were able to go over to the rock pools and gather some of the creatures left behind by the sea. The instructors answered all of the different questions about what had been found in the rocks.
After lunch, we played sports on the beach and built sandcastles. We enjoyed a walk over from Caswell Bay later in the afternoon and had a paddle in the sea, which was very cooling.
We all had a great day at the beach.
Day 5:
Tomorrow morning, we will set out for the town of Abergavenny to visit the Norman castle and other points f interest.
It is also shopping day for the children to buy their souvenirs to take back with them.
It is the last day of the school journey, and we look forward to seeing you all when we arrive back at school by approximately 5:20pm.
It has been an eventful and exciting experience for the children and they will keep many happy memories of Wales and Pendarren.