Year 5 2017 – Pendarren Trip

Pendarren 2017

Pendarren House

Day 1 -5L

Day 1
Greetings from Pendarren in South Wales.
We have been blest with great weather and there is tremendous excitement about setting out for our first activity this afternoon.
It is a chance for the children to investigate and experience life in the countryside.Everybody enjoyed finding out from their instructors lots of information about the wildlife around Pendarren.We unpacked the suitcases and settled into where we would be staying for the week.
We are looking forward to all the activities Pendarren has to offer.
It’s  been a long day and I think the children should be able to sleep soundly.
Tomorrow we will be visiting Big Pit coalmine at Blaenavon and then canoeing.
Day 2
Morning came early with beautiful sunshine.
The children were awake and full of energy even before the bell was rung to get them up.Some of the children took their turn to help serve breakfast in the dining room.
They did really well by helping each other to work as a team.
Pendarren is all about different experiences and serving others is just one of them.After room inspection by one of the Pendarren staff the children assembled in their groups.
We had two activities today, a visit to Big Pit coalmine and canoeing.At Big Pit we learned all about what it was like to work in the  mine many years ago.
As  we made our way along the tunnels we walked in the footsteps of miners who had given great service to the community.The  children were really excited to take part in canoeing later.
It was not long before there were many experts in this new activity.Well done to all.This evening the children will be taught to carry out emergency first aid and this should prove to be a worthwhile experience.
Another busy day and so tomorrow  we will be on an adventure journey and high ropes.
The great comments about good behaviour  continue and are pleasing to hear.
 Day 3
Hello from Pendarren
Today we were in Blaen y Glyn Valley for our adventure journey.
We followed the stream down through the valley as it twisted and turned on its way.
It was expected that some would get a ‘shower’ as everybody trudged along.
This was certainly the best fun day so far .
Later in the day we began the highropes session with lots of new things to learn.
It was amazing how everybody settled in and put their new skills to use.
Tomorrow  we are off to the seaside down on the south coast of Wales.
Bye for now!
Day 4
We set off  for the Gower coast early and arrived in Caswell Bay near to Swansea.
The children spent  time gathering sea creatures in their  buckets from the rock pools.
We then had a lesson all about what they found in the morning.After lunch everybody had a chance to play games on the beach.
Thankfully the weather had cooled down.
Afterwards we walked over to the next bay and was fortunate to see a seal bobbing it’s head up in the sea.
This evening we will be visiting Pendarren’s North American tepee.Tomorrow we will be in Abergavenny market town.
We expect to be back at St Ignatius School by 5.40 in the evening.

All the best  from Pendarren.
Day 5
Morning all
Today we were busy packing for our return to London.
After breakfast we went to Abergavenny market town.
The children were given an historical tour of the Norman castle and then we made our way to the market place.
Now the Pendarren experience is drawing to a close we will say farewell and take our memories back with us.

We hope to be at St Ignatius School by 5.40 this evening.
See you all there.