Year 2L

(previously 1B)


Year 1 trip to London Zoo

Year 1 went on a visit to London Zoo and learned lots of amazing information about the animals and their environments in the wild. The children also experienced butterflies of  different colours fluttering around them in their own habitats. The lions were very quiet that day and did not seem to mind all the young visitors so early in the morning.

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Our Latest Parent Letter

Please click the link below to download our latest curriculum letter.

Year 1 parent summary spring 1

In Year 1 we have been getting to know each other and learn all about ourselves. The children have made some macaroni pictures taking care to form the capital letters from their names!

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Our Core Learning Skill

This term our core learning skill is “Knowing me, Knowing you”. Stiggy has been helping us to remember our I can statements.


Welcome back

If you are curious about what the children are learning this term please click on Parents’ Summary below.

Parent Summary Y1