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Latest Fundraising Event at Sainsbury’s

Year 6 join the staff from Sainsbury’s to raise money for charity. On Friday 13th March, a group of Year 6 pupils joined staff at Sainsbury’s to perform a few dance moves to raise money for Comic Relief. They all danced to a few old favourites before the children decided to entertain with their own acapela singing!

5O Pendarren Day – 5

On our last night in Pendarren we had a celebration event.  The children were then woken early this morning so that all the packing was finished in time. After breakfast we went to the market town of Abergavenny to visit some of the historical sights and buy souvenirs. At 12:30pm we waved goodbye to the Pendarren staff… Read more »

5O Pendarren Day – 4

Ms Opie organised a fitness session before breakfast just to take in the fresh air. After breakfast we set off for the Gower Peninsula for our day by the sea. We arrived at a place called Caswell Bay just in time for low tide. We all looked to see what the sea had left behind… Read more »

5O Pendarren Day – 3

The children take their turns to serve breakfast and dinner so very carefully every day. It is all good training and maybe they will try it out again at home! At 9.30am we headed off in the minibuses for an adventure journey across country. We started down in a valley and began to climb through… Read more »

St. Ignatius Chess Club

On Wednesday 22nd April 2015, the St Ignatius Chess Club was launched. 17 pupils of all abilities practised and applied their skills, some for the first time! The group, which consisted of Year 4 and 5 pupils were all engaged in the complex game of logic and strategy. Below are some snaps from the club…. Read more »

5O in Pendarren – Day 2

  Day 2 brought a beautiful morning so we decided to go for walk in the grounds of the house before breakfast. The early morning is certainly the best time of the day in the countryside. After breakfast everybody set about doing all their housekeeping duties. The children were waiting in suspense to see how… Read more »