Ms Opie organised a fitness session before breakfast just to take in the fresh air.
After breakfast we set off for the Gower Peninsula for our day by the sea.
We arrived at a place called Caswell Bay just in time for low tide.
We all looked to see what the sea had left behind in the rock pools.
Our instructors guided us to the best spots to find sea creatures.

Armed with buckets we managed to find all kinds of crabs and a whole variety of sea life.
When we had discussed all our finds  we put everything back in the sea.

The children had lunch on the beach
and there was time afterwards to play football and throw Frisbees.
By the time we arrived back from the coast  to Pendarren we had worked up an appetite.
Judging from the smells coming from the kitchen we were in for a treat.

The Pendarren staff have produced some lovely food all week for us.
Three cheers for the kitchen staff!!
Everybody agreed that it had been a really exciting day by the sea
Tonight we will have a farewell celebration!

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