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Day 2 brought a beautiful morning so we decided to go for walk in the grounds of the house before breakfast. The early morning is certainly the best time of the day in the countryside.

After breakfast everybody set about doing all their housekeeping duties.
The children were waiting in suspense to see how many marks they would be awarded for their hard work. The Pendarren staff congratulated everybody for such well kept rooms.
Well done to all!!

Both groups visited Big Pit coalmine in Blaenavon.
Everyone was given mining helmets with lights and then taken below ground in a lift.
We learnt that horses were still in use  in the mine until 1970.
Many miners lost their lives because those were dangerous times.

The next activity of the day was canoeing and this proved very popular . It called for real team work and the children did their very best to  succeed.
After dinner we took part in an emergency first aid course run by a member of the Pendarren staff. Congratulations are due to all the children for doing so well at this activity.

It had been a long day as 25 weary children made their to way to the last activity,sleep…..zzzzzzzzz