Day 4 – Thursday 26th March 2015

Today was memorable, and a lot of fears were faced. Everyone said we were very brave.

Today was High Ropes and Canoeing. Did you know that there a three important pieces of equipment to climb and abseil? They are called… After learning all that, we played a fun game called Eiffel Tower where teams had to work together to climb up some boxes. When somebody fell, our friends were there to keep them from falling. Because we cooperated, it was easy.

Canoeing was one of our favourite activities. We took the mini bus to a canal, and carried the canoes to the water. They were surprisingly light even though two people could fit in each one. We took them for a paddle in the calm water, and passed some narrow boats on the way. Then we headed back and played a kind of basketball game.

Tonight we’re going to have a party because it’s our last day here but we will not forget it.pend6